Craig Alberty enjoys taking Doxy (pictured) to photograph the scenery and wildlife of western South Dakota. While Craig expects to amass wealth and celebrity from this site, he is still willing to take pictures of your super-intelligent goat or photoshop your dingy lawnmower repair garage onto a dramatic overlook. Call if you have a project idea or need a special rendering of a photo you see here.


If you want a memento of your Black Hills vacation or a remedy for South Dakota cravings, our prints, digital downloads, and specialty items are a great solution. We keep it simple – who needs 473 sizing, paper, and frame choices for a buffalo picture? – and our professionally finished products are conveniently delivered to your door. This site’s photo content is fluid; Craig replaces pictures as Doxy makes better ones.

Prints – Your traditional paper photographs are ready to pop into a frame and hang on the wall. We also offer canvas gallery wraps for those wanting a fine art display piece. Doxy’s self-esteem is elevated when we get orders for those.

Digital Download* – Receive a high resolution, 5-megapixel file delivered to your computer or device. These include a royalty-free personal use license. Do what you want with the image – get prints, have greeting cards or refrigerator magnets made – whatever. 5 megapixels will deliver an excellent 8x10 print. Contact us if you need something BIG; we’ll work with you.

Specialty Items – While images can be printed on anything, our pictures are available on bags (see apparel), cutting boards, and mugs (Doxy has a collection). Our prints and specialty items are produced by different vendors, so if your order includes some of each there will be two shipping charges.

*Downloads – We offer a commercial download license for images, too! Everyone reading this paragraph already knows how complex that can be. Generic licenses seldom meet anyone’s needs, so commercial agreements are negotiated individually. Call. We’ll discuss your requirements and Doxy will put it all together.